A survival horror adventure 3D and VR game, based on Dark Ages period German tales, myths and legend

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About Us

PolyReality is an independent VR and 3D games developer, based in Leipzig, Germany and a subsidiary of PolyDynamic. PolyDynamic provides businesses and institutions with technical solutions for a stable digital scaling process. The team of experienced German engineers offer the highest level of technical services, based on cutting edge technologies including AI, Blockchain, VR/AR, Gamification, IoT and Big Data to name a few.

The team prides itself on having a 'crack team' of nerds with huge gaming experience. The team is constantly developing and brainstorming with 'a gamer's point of view' mantra to deliver the best gaming experience for players that is humanly possible.

PolyReality's slogan is The Nexus of Worlds and as a game developer, PolyReality specializes in creating the most atmospheric games with elaborate and fine detail and deep, immersive gameplay. State of the art 3D audio technology and modern visual HD graphics design allows the team to take the gaming experience to the next level.

PolyReality's CEO Peter Steiglbauer says: "We are new and we are different, bringing to life some incredible concepts to develop new principles and methodology of creating truly immersive games, based on research and analysis of the vast gaming experience of the team itself and global gaming community. FINSTERWALD is our first game and we want it to be the first of many."

PolyReality works in co-operation with the Institute of Sorabistik of the University of Leipzig, the University of Novosibirsk, historical museums staff and consultants, German historians, Theologists and Psychologists.

This allows the gaming experience to be truly accurate and compelling as players journey through the mystic world which our ancestors lived in centuries ago.